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COGNICOO – building bridges through clarity and cooperation 

Image by Patrick Perkins

Transforming yourself?

Or your company?

Ready to grow?

We know how to elevate your game!


We shape minds & cultures

to bring ease & clarity

Meet Andrii Suslenko
founder of COGNICOO
existential coach &
organizational consultant

We facilitate changes through...

Existential Coaching

Our approach guides you towards living a fulfilling life aligned with your unique values. We believe everyone is complex, and through our existential coaching, we help you explore your inner self, gain new insights, plan for the future, and make necessary changes for positive transformation.


We facilitate systemic change, develop high-potential areas, and provide support to clarify your values and unlock your potential for lasting success. Whether personal or professional goals, we empower you to create meaningful change and live a fulfilling life true to your values.

Organizational Constulting

Organizational consulting drives positive, systemic transformation within your organization, enhancing leadership, creating a thriving culture, and achieving strategic objectives.


By adopting this approach, you'll see a boost in employee and staff engagement, leading to improved individual performance. You'll also identify and develop high-potential employees, unlocking even more potential for your organization. Together, we'll identify your strengths and growth opportunities for individuals and the organization, setting you on the path to lasting success.

COGNICOO has earned trust from:


Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine

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Room 8 Group


AB Games


International Republic Institute

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